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Specialist Team
Specialist team
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Specialist Team

Ariffin Salim - Regional Engineering Manager

Ariffin joined TWI in 2015. He is responsible for the operations of the TWI’s engineering consultancy business in South East Asia. He has over 30 years of work experience in the upstream and downstream oil, gas, process and power generation industries. Ariffin has been in senior management for many years.

Prior to his role in senior management, Ariffin was a project manager in a number of engineering companies involved in the design of offshore production platforms, subsea pipelines, marine terminals and related facilities. Ariffin also has the experience of working in an E and P company in Malaysia with responsibilities in the area of asset integrity management of offshore production facilities, working with issues related to materials selection, corrosion control/inhibition, cathodic protection, protective coatings and failure investigation as well as inspection, repair and maintenance relating to production equipment.

Chin Koon Jyet - Senior Project Engineer

Jyet joined TWI South East Asia in 2008 as part of the engineering team responsible for delivery of structural integrity services. He has been involved in a number of fitness-for-service, failure investigation, life assessment, inspection and risk-based inspection projects as well as welding consultancy and managing corrosion related work. His engineering experience ranges from industries including oil and gas, power plant and construction and transport.

Prior to coming to TWI, He worked as project engineer in fibre glass manufacturing plant for water and chemical tank. His responsibilities including planning, directs, perform QA/QC and coordinates activities concerned with design, construction, modification of the installation of the tank.

Lim Fang Yau - Senior Project Engineer

Kenny Lim joined TWI as a senior project engineer in 2012. His experience is predominately related to structural integrity issues. Throughout his employment in TWI, he has conducted numerous of technical projects on life extension of aging assets, fatigue assessment, finite element analysis (FEA), risk-based inspection (RBI) assessment, RBI-IDMS software development,  fitness-for-service for pressurised equipment and engineering critical assessments. He is also experienced in project management including proposal writing, cost estimation and project scheduling.

Before joining TWI, Kenny worked as an application consultant where his main responsibilities were to provide consulting services and support to customers, especially in the engineering simulation services using engineering tools such as computer-aided design (CAD), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), FEA and computer-aided optimization (CAO) software.

Kenny is a Chartered Engineer with IMechE and a Professional Engineer with Board Of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). He is also a certified API 580 and API 570 inspector.     

Satanphop Amsupan - Senior Project Engineer

Satanphop joined TWI SEA in 2011 as a project engineer. He has been involved in a variety of structural integrity, engineering critical assessments, risk-based inspection, failure investigations and welding development projects. His engineering experience range from industries e.g. oil and gas, power and rail sectors (pre and post construction). Satanphop has specialist knowledge in relation to mechanical testing, non-destructive testing methods, welding engineering, and risk-based inspection assessment, as well as aged equipment life assessment.

Prior to joining TWI, Satanphop worked as a welding engineer and steel structure engineer for an offshore fabrication and an integrated engineering, procurement and construction (Integrated EPC) company.

Nursyazana Shahiruddin - Project Engineer

Syazana joined TWI South East Asia in 2011 as part of the engineering team responsible for delivery of structural integrity services. She has been heavily involved in a number of engineering projects including life assessment (specifically pipelines), in-service and risk-based inspections as well as welding consultancy and failure investigation work.

Syazana’s certifications include visual welding inspector, cathodic protection and plant inspection with experiences in working with issues related to plant facilities management, cathodic protection, inspection, repair and maintenance relating to pressure vessels, tanks and pipelines and developing inspection and welding procedures through validated standards. Her engineering experience range from the oil and gas to construction, process and power generation industries.

Prior to joining TWI, Syazana worked in the electrical manufacturing industry where she was involved in  project management including proposal and report writing, cost estimation and tendering, product development, contract and sales. 

Abdul Halim Mahmood - Project Engineer 

Abdul Halim has been employed since January 2015 as a project engineer in TWI Services Sdn. Bhd. He has been involved in various project such as fitness-for-service and risk-based inspection, in-service and offline tank inspection and baseline inspection for piping project.

Prior to join TWI Services Sdn. Bhd., Abdul Halim has worked as a welding inspection for visual welding inspector in TWI Training South East Asia Sdn. Bhd. The responsibilities included familiarizing with ASME.

Before joining TWI, Abdul Halim worked for an inspection company providing non-destructive services, primarily in Tanjung Bin Power plant.

Abdul Halim has also worked as a technical engineer to provide consultation for onshore and offshore fabrication and an integrated engineering, procurement and construction company.

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