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Engineering services from TWI in Malaysia
Engineering in South East Asia
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Engineering services from TWI in Malaysia

TWI has a dedicated team of engineers based in its office in Shah Alam and providing a range of engineering services to members and clients in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Australia.

If your company needs advice or services relating structural integrity, materials and corrosion management, joining and welding, we can help.

We work with companies in the oil and gas, process, power generation and construction sectors. Our services are often needed during FEED, detailed engineering, construction, commissioning, in-service and end of life phases of projects.

We are an extension of the resources of TWI Ltd, an international and specialist engineering research and consultancy headquartered in Granta Park, Cambridgeshire, UK. 


Meeting the challenges of industry in Malaysia

Malaysia and the other countries within South East Asia are, in general, heading towards developed nation status in the next decade or two. With the exception of Singapore, which has reached fully developed nation status, many of the other South East Asian countries are still at different stages of industrial development. Malaysia, with its fully developed offshore shallow water (less than 100 m water depth) oil and gas production network and with the potential for more deep-water developments (greater than 400 m water depth) after the Kikeh (2007), Gumusut (2014), and Malikai (2016) fields, plus the major onshore petrochemical development projects demonstrates Malaysia’s vision and commitment of becoming the centre for the regional oil and gas activities.

We see the growing need for support relating to integrity management, structural health monitoring and ageing plant facilities and equipment. TWI, with its capabilities and technologies in these areas, are best placed to support its Members and potential Members in the region.

Services available:  

Integrity Assurance

Welding Engineering

Advanced Inspection and NDT

  • Selection and Procedure Advice

  • POD and Sizing Accuracies

  • Onsite Services 

Contact us 

If you think your company would benefit from our expertise, we would be happy to help. To see how we can support your business, contact us by emailing engineering@twisea.com or call +603 7848 1003.