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Engineering services from TWI in Indonesia
Engineering in South East Asia
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Engineering services from TWI in Indonesia

PT. Teknologi Weldim Indonesia has a dedicated team of professional and specialist engineers from various disciplines with the right mix of academic and industry experience, including process engineers, designers, operator's inspectors, welding engineers, mechanical engineers, metallurgists, and structural engineers. As part of the TWI Group, an international engineering research and consultancy specialist headquartered in Cambridge, UK,  the company has significant support from some of the world leaders in the relevant engineering disciplines.

We work with companies in the oil and gas, power and construction sectors on projects including facility integrity management, corrosion, procedure and process improvements, failure investigations and risk-based inspections.

Meeting the challenges of industry in Indonesia

The potential degradation of plant and equipment due to age-related mechanisms such as corrosion, erosion and fatigue is a key issue for industry. The issue of ageing plants, leading to an increased risk of loss of containment and other failures due to plant and equipment deterioration, has been shown to be an important factor in incidents and accidents. Without the proper management of ageing equipment, the impact on safety and business performance can be significant.

PT. Teknologi Weldim Indonesia offers various services in determining the integrity of ageing equipment, including risk-based inspection, fitness-for-service and asset integrity management.

Risk-based inspection ascertains the overall risk of the equipment failing, helping plant decision makers to plan inspection and maintenance. Fitness-for-service demonstrates the integrity and life of the equipment, while asset integrity management is the effective management of corporate assets in order to gain maximum value, profitability and returns, while safeguarding personnel, the community and the environment.


Services available

If your company needs advice or services relating to welding and joiningstructural integrity or materials and corrosion mitigation, we can help.